PhotoforBackgroundPageWelcome! I am Michelle Calvarese and the owner and operator of Truth Skin Care™. Please enjoy browsing through my website and learning about what Truth Skin Care™ has to offer.

My scholarly background includes a bachelor’s degree from Villanova University; a master’s degree from West Chester University; and a doctorate from Texas A&M University. In addition to operating Truth Skin Care™, I teach full time at California State University, Fresno. Along with G.E. courses, I teach Medical Geography, focusing on the distribution and diffusion of disease and comparative health. I have done extensive fieldwork around the world focusing on HIV/AIDS and TB. During my international research, I also spoke with spa owners, dermatologists, and residents about skin care and beauty and eventually developed this “on the side research” into a course that examines global approaches to integrative health, wellness and beauty.

My interest in skin care was piqued, and my career transitioned from infectious disease to a broader category of integrative health, wellness, and beauty. During one summer break, I decided to go to esthetics school and received my license from Paul Mitchell Skin Academy in Fresno. Following that, I worked as an independent contractor as a part-time hobby before opening my own skin care facility. In addition to teaching university students, I know also educate estheticians thru online venues, trade shows and conferences, and industry publications. I am also a full member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.

What I find most compelling about my work are the types of myths, misinformation, and misconceptions surrounding beauty, and the dangerous things women do worldwide that put their health in peril for aesthetic purposes. For this reason, my esthetics center is called Truth Skin Care™. Although my specialty is highly focused anti-aging treatments, hyperpigmentation, and acne, my main goal is to teach clients how to maintain healthy skin, rather than reverting to quick fixes. I believe that healthy skin is what makes one looks youthful.

For the years ahead, I am continuing to balance teaching at the university, treating my solid list of clientele, and working on formulations for dermaTRUTH— our own custom formulated skin care line that debuted in 2014. Due to my busy schedule and being the sole esthetician and operator at Truth Skin Care™, online booking is provided for client convenience. Please do not hesitate to leave a message or send me an email should you get voicemail.

I am looking forward to guiding your skin care journey…… –Michelle